How the Catholic Church saved New York City, Part 1

Lewis Hines | Museum of the City of New York with permission
An early planning map of lower Manhattan circa 1790. You can see how the city was concentrated on the southern tip at the time. Some expansion northward had occurred by 1817, but the real push came at the turn of the century, when the city’s population swelled to over 2 million. © Public Domain
Jacob Riis | Museum of he City of New York with permission
“Prayer time in the nursery.” © Jacob Riis | Courtesy of the Museum of the City of New York
A typical note that would be left with a child who was brought to the Sisters of Charity for care. © Courtesy of the New York Foundling Hospital

Jeffrey Bruno is an award winning photojournalist and creative director specializing in the mission and beauty of the Catholic Church around the globe.