How the Catholic Church saved New York City |Part 4

A portrait of Bishop John Hughes, the man who took New York by storm as the 4th bishop of the Diocese of New York, by photographer Matthew Brady in the late 1800s. | Library of Congress | Public Domain
A photograph of the wall as it stands today
The Fighting 69th Irish Regiment-An illustration of the 69th Regiment, which was a predominantly Irish brigade under the leadership of Col. Michael Corcoran. Their journey would take them to the First Battle of Bull Run near Washington during the Civil War. The “Fighting 69th” continues on. | Public Domain
One of the earliest images of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral with the famous wall in place. | Public Domain
An earlier, undated image showing a wooden fence in place. This would be replaced in 1934. | Public Domain
A photo taken in 1942 shows a charming little girl to the left and the wall that remains to this day to the right. | Farm Security Administration — Office of War | Public Domain
Still the heart of an area with a highly active Catholic community, the wall is the backdrop as a procession of the Blessed Sacrament passes on the way to the church entrance. | Jeffrey Bruno
The wall still sees its share of those hostile to the Church. | Jeffrey Bruno
Within Old St. Pat’s, the sacraments continue to be celebrated with vigor and joy as they have been from the church’s beginning. | Jeffrey Bruno
Mercy on Mulberry — Where once armed guards stood, a recently placed statue of Padre Pio represents the Mercy of God, just in from of the Mulberry Street entrance. | Jeffrey Bruno



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Jeffrey Bruno

Jeffrey Bruno

Jeffrey Bruno is an award winning photojournalist and creative director specializing in the mission and beauty of the Catholic Church around the globe.