“Have you ever curated an exhibition before?”

If you had asked me three months ago, my answer would have been an awkward “no.”

In my defense, having worked for an eternity as a photo editor and Art Director I should be up for the task.

But the short answer would still be no.

Thankfully they didn’t ask.

Sheen Center Board Member, Amanda Bowman, was the inspiration and engine behind the project. A project that I think is flat-out genius.
The exhibition was to mark the Center’s grand reopening in the context of where we’ve been as people.

It would be…

A peek at some previously unpublished photos…and a little story…

When I got in that training accident in July, one of the first thoughts that came to mind was the assignments that I’d miss.

Not that I had seven broken ribs, broken clavicle, or broken nose … but that I’d miss what I consider to be the proverbial ‘Holy Grail’ of photo assignments.

All of them involved those called by Christ to serve, accepting his invitation.

There were the First Vows of the Sisters of Life, the First Vows of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, The Final Vows of…

A story of Divine Providence: Read why the church in the shadow of the World Trade Center was there at all.

In 1785 when the cornerstone was set for what would be the first parish church in New York State, the builders would have been staggered at the role it would play in New York’s tumultuous history … especially because it wasn’t even supposed to be there.

Anti-Catholic sentiments had forced the early Catholics to build the church where it stands today, on Barclay Street, after their bid to build it in the center of the City had been rejected…

Love in the face of hate, courage in the face of fear, and mercy despite the cost

[New York, NY Saturday, June 12, 2021 — The Solemnity of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.]

At 8:06am, what began as a peaceful Saturday morning ended abruptly as a crowd assembled before the doors St. Paul’s Church in Brooklyn chanting “This church harasses women! This church harasses women!”

As the altar bell rang and the faithful rose from the pews of the diocese oldest continuously operating church, the reason everyone inside…and outside the church, albeit for different reasons, began; to…

From the humble cabins where Catholics worshipped in the earliest days arose some of the most iconic architectural marvels in the Western Hemisphere

St. Ignatius Loyola Church at 980 Park Ave.

It’s doubtful that when St. Isaac Jogues celebrated the first known Mass in New York City — for a congregation made up of a whopping two other Catholics in Manhattan back in the 1640s — that he could have envisioned what the future would bring. Not in his wildest dreams could he have pictured what the “tiny” 22-square-mile island would look like three centuries later.

The history of the Catholic Church in New York has been tumultuous…

The RMS Titanic resting in her slipway in Belfast Harbor around in late 1911 a few months before her sea trials | © Public Domain

The little known story of St. Mother Cabrini’s last transatlantic crossing.

They would be disappointed of course. They wanted to see her one more time before she left for New York. They were also working to secure passage for her, Sister Antony, and Sister Mary aboard this grand new ship that was to depart from the port in Southampton, about a day’s ride to the south of the Convent in Honor Oak, which is near Charing Cross Station.

Perhaps it was Mother’s frail health, or perhaps it was the urgency with which she felt compelled to cut her trip to…

Lewis Hines | Museum of the City of New York with permission

Overcoming violent anti-Catholicism, poverty, and gangs, the Sisters of Charity opened the doors of opportunity to generations of immigrants.

The narrow hallways of 32 Prince Street in Lower Manhattan silently echo with the stories of an age gone by: the long lost voices of orphan children clamoring in the small courtyard as the nuns would scurry about ushering them across the street for Sunday Mass at the just dedicated “Old” St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Mott Street, a faded portrait of grace and beauty painted on a canvas that at the time could easily have been mistaken for hell.

The beginning

Jeffrey Bruno

Jeffrey Bruno is an award winning photojournalist and creative director specializing in the mission and beauty of the Catholic Church around the globe.

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